Publishing on the IndieWeb Level 2

1. Mark up your content (Profile, Notes, Articles, etc…) with microformats2

Other humans can already understand your profile information and the things you post on your site. By adding a few simple class names to your HTML, other people’s software can understand it and use it for things like reply contexts, cross-site comments, event RSVPs, and more.

Check your homepage h-card:


This representative h-card was found on your site:

Michael K. Owens




Michael K. Owens is a cis male designer, engineer, and entrepreneur who loves philosophy, personal data analysis, charity work, cycling, mental health advocacy, and games. He was born on Cinco de Mayo in Toledo, OH, was raised in Mobile, AL, and now resides happily in San Francisco, CA with his wife Nicole and their adorable cat Princess.

Given (often first) name

  • Michael

Other/middle name

  • Kirk Gelinas

Family (often last) name

  • Owens

Email address


Postal Address

  • 1657A Fulton St SF, CA 94117-1318 USA 37.775671, -122.444005


  • Contact
  • Identity
  • Work
  • Content


  • +1 251 454 6659

Birth Date

  • 1985-05-05

Cryptographic public key

  • A2AA 7EAD 4A71 2532 45E2 3134 7825 B087 2749 05DC

Description of role

  • designer
  • engineer
  • entrepreneur

Biological sex

  • male

Gender identity

  • cis

See the full list of h-card properties.

Want to be able to use h-card data in your code? Check out the open-source implementations.

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