Publishing on the IndieWeb Level 2

1. Mark up your content (Profile, Notes, Articles, etc…) with microformats2

Other humans can already understand your profile information and the things you post on your site. By adding a few simple class names to your HTML, other people’s software can understand it and use it for things like reply contexts, cross-site comments, event RSVPs, and more.

Check your homepage h-card:


This representative h-card was found on your site:

Tantek Çelik



Hello Hi. I work on web standards and the IndieWeb. I like to run trails, practice yoga, go bouldering, code & design my website, and write when I can. My pronouns are he/him. 🏠 📺 🥏 💬 Contact 👏 Tip Founder at IndieWeb Founder at Web Standards Lead at Mozilla AC AB & CSS WG member at W3C BSCS & MSCS Stanford University

Unique identifier



  • inventor
  • connector
  • writer
  • runner
  • scientist
  • microformats2
  • h-card
  • h-cite
  • h-entry
  • h-event
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • authorship
  • post type discovery
  • webactions
  • IndieMark
  • Falcon
  • Stanford University
  • IndieWeb


  • IndieWeb
  • Mozilla
  • W3C
  • IndieWeb

Description of role

  • inventor, connector, writer, runner, scientist, more.
  • Web Standards Lead
  • CSS WG

See the full list of h-card properties.

Want to be able to use h-card data in your code? Check out the open-source implementations.

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