Publishing on the IndieWeb Level 2

1. Mark up your content (Profile, Notes, Articles, etc…) with microformats2

Other humans can already understand your profile information and the things you post on your site. By adding a few simple class names to your HTML, other people’s software can understand it and use it for things like reply contexts, cross-site comments, event RSVPs, and more.

Check your homepage h-card:


This representative h-card was found on your site:

Frank Meeuwsen



Digging the Digital is de digital garden of commonplace book van Frank Meeuwsen. Onderwerpen variëren van indieweb tot nieuwsbrieven, bloggen, muziek en opvallende gebeurtenissen op het internet.

Unique identifier


See the full list of h-card properties.

Want to be able to use h-card data in your code? Check out the open-source implementations.

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